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Raghunath Mandir: The Astonishing Temple in Jammu Housing 330 Million Deities

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Raghunath Temple Jammu: Ayodhya’s Ram temple is quite popular among the people right now. Let us tell you that the Raghunath temple of Jammu is also known for Lord Shri Ram. Actually, Jammu is also known for Raghunath temple. There were two attacks on this temple in the year 2002, even after which no one could hurt the faith of the devotees. This is the reason why 1500 to 2000 devotees from not only the country but also from abroad reach here every day to have darshan of 33 crore deities along with Lord Shri Ram. Let us know about the specialty of Raghunath temple in detail.

Know who built this special temple

Raghunath temple was built in 1857 by Maharaja Ranvir Singh and his father Maharaja Gulab Singh. One specialty of this temple is that all the devotees’ wishes are fulfilled here.

Interesting story related to the construction of the temple

Maharaja Gulab Singh had received a prophecy from Ramdas Vairagi for the construction of Raghunath temple, which later came true. Ramdas Vairagi was a devotee of Lord Shri Ram. He came to Jammu from Ayodhya to propagate the ideals of Lord Ram. Ramdas also built the first Ram temple in Sui Simbli.

Know the specialty of the temple

Let us tell you that three walls inside the temple are covered with gold sheets. The door of the main temple is made of silver. Which was prepared by the artisans of Jaipur in three months. There is also a school and library in the temple. Where there are more than 6,000 manuscripts in Indian languages.

Lingams of 33 crore Hindu deities will be seen in the temple.

Five urns can be seen outside the temple, which is built in length. The temple also has a huge statue of Mata Sita, Lord Shri Ram, and Laxman. There is also a room in the temple where one can have a darshan of the four Dhams.  

Even the terrorist attack could not stop the faith of the devotees

Let us tell you that on 30 March 2002, a terrorist organization attacked Raghunath temple by throwing a grenade. The second attack was carried out by Lashkar-e-Taiba on 24 November of the same year. In which 13 devotees were killed.