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Punjab News : CM Bhagwant Mann orders completion of flood control and clean water sources by June 30


Punjab News : From Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Hon On Monday, officials were directed to complete cleaning of drains and flood protection across the state before June 30. Presiding over a meeting of the State Flood Control Board to review the ongoing flood prevention works in the state, the Chief Minister said that the total length of canals in the state is 8136.76 km and the length of dams is 1365 km. He said that in the year 2022, 34.85 crore rupees have been spent on 232 sewer cleaning works and 48.32 crore rupees on 100 flood prevention works. Bhagwant Maan said that this year Rs 39.90 crore has been spent on flood prevention works and Rs 39.43 crore on drain cleaning.

The Chief Minister said that work is going on in all the districts of the state and work has been started to clean the reservoirs and sewage sources under the bridges and to strengthen the places prone to frequent floods due to rains. Bhagwant Maan said regular monitoring of flood relief works has been done in coordination with Deputy Commissioners across the state. Expressing concern over the huge loss of human lives, livestock, property and standing crops due to floods, he directed the department to take all possible measures to eliminate the possibility of floods in the east.

The Chief Minister said that construction of check dams, plantation of trees, especially bamboo and other plantations should be encouraged. He said that it is a matter of happiness that 485 sites have been identified for construction of check dams and 151 such check dams have been constructed. Bhagwant Ma said that other sites for dam construction are being identified and bamboo saplings have also been planted in 66.73 km.

The Chief Minister also said that the state government has taken several measures to prevent flooding in south-west Punjab such as re-routing some drains, laying pipes to connect low-lying areas with canals and reconstructing bridges. He asked the officials to ensure maximum utilization of government funds to ensure execution of work with high quality. Bhagwant HonHe said that Punjab government is committed to save people from floods, for which no stone will be left unturned.