Saturday , October 23 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, this is the time to recognize the opportunity, try yourself and move towards new highs

New DelhiCoronavirus (COVID-L9): Coronavirus pandemic (Coronavirus Epidemic) between Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) said Indian Chamber of Commerce (Indian Chamber of Commerce-ICC) addressed the special program. He started his speech in Bengali at a program in Kolkata. He said in the program that serving the country continuously for 95 years is a very big thing for any institution or organization in itself. The contribution that the ICC has made to the development of Eastern India and the North East, especially for the manufacturing units there, is historic.

He said that the ICC has seen the fight for independence since its formation in 1925, witnessed the severe famine and food crises, and has also been a part of India’s growth story. Now this AGM of this time is happening at a time when our country is facing different challenges. He said that the whole world is fighting with the coronavirus, India is also fighting, but other types of crises are also constantly standing. He said that there is a flood somewhere, the havoc of Pongopal, hailstorm, fire in the Assam oil field, and a small earthquake.

Defeat the mind, win the victory of the mind: Narendra Modi
said that sometimes time also tests us, takes our test. Many times, many difficulties come together, but we have also experienced that in such a test, our gratitude also guarantees a bright future. It is said here – losers of the mind, victories of the mind, that is, our willpower, our willpower determines our path forward. The one who already accepts the new opportunities rarely comes. He said that our solidarity, to face the biggest disaster together, our determination, our willpower, our great strength, all these things are our great strength as a nation. He said that medicine for trouble is strong.

Time to turn coronavirus disaster into an opportunity
He said in the program that I can see this feeling on your face today, in the efforts of crores of countrymen. The crisis of Corona remains in the whole world, the whole world is fighting it. Our country is fighting it with the Corona Warriors, but in the midst of all this, every countryman is also full of the resolve that this disaster is to be converted into an opportunity, we also have to make it a big turning point for the country. On the turning point, he said that this is actually Self Reliant India. He said that this sense of self-reliance has been lived by every Indian as an ambition over the years, but still a big wish, a big wish, has been in the mind of every Indian, has been in the brain. He said that there has been a big reason that in the last 5-6 years, the goal of India’s self-reliance has been paramount in the policy and practice of the country.

How should the country become the exporter of the products to be imported,
he stressed that everything that the countries are forced to import, how they should be made in India and how India should become the exporter of the same products in the future We have to work faster. We do not only buy things from these small business people, do not give any money, but they also reward their hard work, increase respect. We do not even know how much this affects their heart, how proud they feel. The decisions made recently for farmers and rural economies have freed the agricultural economy from years of slavery. Now the farmers of India have got the freedom to sell their produce, their produce anywhere in the country.

He said that the cluster based approach for local products which is now being promoted in India is also an opportunity for everyone. Apart from this, the clusters associated with these will be developed in the districts, blocks which are produced. He said that clusters will also be made for bamboo and organic products. He said that like Sikkim, the entire North East can become a huge hub for organic farming and can become an organic capital. He said that all of you have been working in North East, East India for so many decades. All the steps taken by the government will be of great benefit to the people of East and North East. He said that Kolkata itself can become a very big leader again. He said that we have to revive Bengal’s historical superiority in manufacturing.

The Prime Minister said that this is the time to recognize the opportunity, to try ourselves and to move towards new highs. If this is the biggest crisis, then we should take full advantage of it, while learning the biggest from it. He said that small self help groups, MSMEs, can provide their Goods and their services directly to the Government of India on the GeM platform. Invest in R&D and manufacturing of better Batteries to increase the power storage capacity of the solar panel manufacturing in the country. Handholding of MSMEs, of such institutions, who are engaged in this work.

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