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Prime Minister Modi’s Thrilling Surprise: Unveiling the Future of Transportation in Kolkata

65e4dc505441e Pm Modi Under WatePM Modi’s Trailblazing Day: Unveiling India’s First Underwater Metro in Kolkata and Inaugurating Key Infrastructure Projects in Bihar

Today marks a historic day as Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarks on a journey to West Bengal and Bihar, setting the stage for significant milestones. The highlight of the day includes the inauguration of India’s first underwater metro in Kolkata, a marvel of engineering beneath the Hooghly River, followed by the commencement of various crucial infrastructure projects in Bihar.

The Underwater Marvel

Unveiling India’s First Underwater Metro

In Kolkata, PM Modi is set to inaugurate the East-West Metro corridor’s Howrah Maidan-Esplanade section, a groundbreaking project that includes an underwater tunnel beneath the Hooghly River. This engineering marvel symbolizes a remarkable achievement for India.

Additional Metro Sections

Apart from the underwater metro, the Prime Minister will also inaugurate other sections, including the Kavi Subhash-Hemanta Mukhopadhyay and Taratala-Majerhat metro segments, showcasing a comprehensive boost to Kolkata’s metro connectivity.

Bihar: A Hub of Development

Launch of Key Projects

PM Modi’s visit to Bihar within five days is a testament to the government’s commitment to the state’s development. During this visit, he will lay the foundation stones and inaugurate projects worth over 8700 crores, spanning railways, roads, petroleum, natural gas, and more.

Focus on Western Champaran

The Prime Minister’s stay in Bettiah, part of West Champaran, will witness the inauguration of projects under the ‘Bharat Vikasit, Bihar Vikasit’ program. These initiatives aim to transform Bihar into a developed state, reflecting the government’s dedication to holistic growth.

Special Attraction: Nari Shakti Vandana Program

PM Modi’s day begins with the Nari Shakti Vandana program at 11:30 AM, showcasing his commitment to women empowerment. Following this, his Bihar tour will commence, where he will participate in the ‘Bharat Vikasit Bihar’ program in Bettiah, emphasizing the state’s development.

Monsoon Rally

Later in the day, the Prime Minister will address a public rally amidst the monsoon rains. This rally, occurring just two days before International Women’s Day, holds significance. PM Modi might address the Sandeshkhali incident, potentially scrutinizing the Mamata government over allegations of sexual harassment against women.

BJP’s Stance

Seeking Justice for the Victims

The West Bengal BJP spokesperson, Samik Bhattacharya, stated that several victimized women protesting against TMC leaders for sexual exploitation might be present at the rally site. However, it remains uncertain whether the victims will have an audience with PM Modi.

BJP’s Warning to TMC

Last week, West Bengal BJP President Sukanta Majumdar warned that if the victims express a desire to meet the Prime Minister, the party will facilitate the meeting. This move is seen as a challenge to the TMC, urging them to address the serious concerns raised by the victims before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Modi’s visit to West Bengal and Bihar is marked by significant events, from the inauguration of the underwater metro to the initiation of key infrastructure projects. The focus on women empowerment and addressing pertinent issues demonstrates the government’s commitment to holistic development. As the political landscape evolves, the rally amidst the monsoon rains is poised to leave a lasting impact.