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Prayagraj News: Yogi government to revive 12 Mahadev temples to boost tourism in Prayag


Madhav Temple in Prayagraj City: The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has now started the rejuvenation exercise of the ancient Dwadash Mahadev temples in Sangam city. According to officials, the tourism department has spent crores of rupees on this. 13 crore ambitious project, which is planned to be completed before Mahakumbh-2025.

As per the proposal, an expert firm will be contracted for the renovation of these temples based on the detailed project report (DPR) being prepared by the department. These ancient temples will be renovated according to the design and architecture mentioned in the religious texts.

Along with this, arrangements like drinking water, modern toilets, proper sheds and seating arrangements will be made for the devotees in each temple. A senior official of the district administration said that along with this the approach road will also be repaired so that devotees can easily reach these 12 temples.

During Kumbh 2019, a budget was allocated to the tourism department for the renovation and road construction of these 12 temples, but the work has not started. DPR is being prepared for the renovation of these temples. These temples have immense potential to boost the city’s tourism activity, but are also closely associated with the religious sentiments of millions of devotees.


Swami Hari Chaitanya Brahmachari of Tikarmafi Ashram in Jhunsi said that Chakra Madhava is located in Arail. Srigada Madhav is located near Cheokki railway station and Padma Madhav Vikar is located in Deoria village. Sankathar Madhav is in Sandhyavat Jhunsi, while Shankha Madhav is in Munshi’s garden in Chatnag.

There is a religious belief that Lord Brahma established twelve (12) Madhvas in Prayagraj after the creation of creation. It is believed that one should circumambulate these 12 Madhava temples of Prayagraj to seek the blessings of the Kalpavas and take a holy bath in the Sangam. In the Treta Yuga, 12 Madhvas were circumambulated under Maharishi Bharadwaja, but over time this practice gradually receded. Dwadash Madhav temples were damaged during Mughal and British rule.