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“Prakash Raj’s Fiery Take on Chandrayaan 3: A Cartoon Worth a Thousand Words and More!

Prakash Raj Faces Backlash on Twitter for Comments on Chandrayaan-3 Mission

Renowned South Indian actor Prakash Raj finds himself in the midst of a trolling storm on social media. While on one hand, the nation collectively prays for the success of the Chandrayaan-3 lunar landing mission, on the other hand, Prakash Raj’s social media posts have ignited controversy surrounding India’s lunar mission. As a result, Twitter users have taken to the platform to express their discontent.

The uproar sparked from Prakash Raj’s recent post on Twitter, where he shared a cartoon depicting a man dressed in traditional attire, pouring tea, captioned, “Breaking News: The first image from the Moon #VikramLander.” Since sharing this tweet, he has faced relentless trolling on social media. One user wrote, “Your actions don’t merely criticize a specific party, but instead insult the entire nation.” Another user commented, “You should be ashamed.” Yet another wrote, “Are you an anti-national? You enjoy the benefits of this country while harboring negative thoughts about it. Chandrayaan 3 will succeed, and every Indian is praying for its success. Urban Naxals like Prakash Raj and anti-national elements won’t be accepted.”

The controversy surrounding Prakash Raj’s comments raises questions about the intent behind his tweet and its potential impact on India’s scientific mission. As the nation remains united in its hopes for a successful lunar landing, discussions around Prakash Raj’s words continue to unfold on social media platforms.