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Pitru Paksha: If you want to make your fathers happy, then feed cows on Sunday

Pitru Paksha Start: Pitru Paksha will start from September 29, which will run till October 14. It is believed that during this time the father comes to the earth, due to which it becomes easy to please him. During this time, people try to please the ancestors by performing Shraddha, Donation, Tarpan, Pinddan. If there is a pitru dosha in the horoscope, then it can be relieved during Shraddha Paksha. Cows are considered very sacred in Hinduism. In this, the residence of all the gods and goddesses is described. If you make the cow happy by serving them on the father’s side, then the father is also happy.

By donating cows, the sins of birth and birth are alleviated. Those who are unable to donate cows can do cow service. You can go to a cow shed and give your support in the form of fodder and water. In modern times, cows are reported to be sick due to eating plastic. In such a situation, preventing cows from eating plastic is also like serving the cow, so all people can do such service by not throwing food items in polythene. By the way, the government has also banned single-use plastic.

Good luck

A cow sitting at the door should never be abused. One should think that it is fate that the cow itself has come to the door. Cow breeders should not leave after milking the cow. The word desi associated with the desi cow should not be considered local. Desi cow’s milk and desi ghee are very divine. Its use develops intelligence and brings sharpness.

Positive energy

Cow is a great source of positive energy. People who are victims of depression should live with the cow, by staying close to its aura, they will naturally get positive energy and depression will decrease. For the peace of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu planets, one should serve Chitakbari and black cow. Along with serving the maroon colored cow of the sun’s peace, feed food and jaggery on Sunday. In order to please the fathers and to prevent patriarchy, the cow should be served daily and fed bread.