Thursday , July 18 2024
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Paytm UPI SDK Introduces Lightning-Fast UPI Payments for Merchant Apps

Paytm, owned by One97 Communications Limited (OCL), has unveiled its groundbreaking Paytm UPI software development kit (SDK) exclusively for merchants. This game-changing product guarantees seamless and swift UPI payments, revolutionizing the way transactions are conducted.

Ensuring Fail-Proof UPI Payments with Paytm UPI SDK
With the introduction of UPI Lite and now Paytm UPI SDK, Paytm has successfully established an ecosystem that caters to both consumers and merchants, offering them a fail-proof UPI payment experience. This innovative solution, designed specifically for apps, allows merchants to facilitate fail-proof, lightning-fast UPI payments directly within their own applications.

According to a spokesperson from Paytm Payments Services, “As a full-stack payments solution provider, Paytm has always been at the forefront of driving innovation in mobile payments. With Paytm UPI SDK, we have enabled fail-proof, superfast payments, ensuring that merchants no longer need to worry about payment failures.”

Lightweight and Feature-Rich
One of the key advantages of Paytm UPI SDK is its incredibly lightweight nature, making it the ideal choice for merchants seeking a seamless user experience. By minimizing the app size, merchants can offer their customers a smoother journey within their application.

“Our cutting-edge payments solutions empower our existing merchant partners to enhance their business capabilities,” added the spokesperson.

Despite being the smallest SDK in the industry, Paytm UPI SDK doesn’t compromise on powerful features. In fact, it encompasses all the robust functionalities of UPI while keeping the merchant’s app lightweight.

Seamless Integration and Enhanced Support
Paytm UPI SDK offers effortless and low-code integration, allowing merchants to customize the user interface (UI) themes according to their brand aesthetics. Furthermore, it provides priority customer support to ensure a hassle-free experience for both merchants and their customers.

Lightning-Fast Payments Without Redirection
With Paytm UPI SDK, payments are now faster than ever, eliminating the need for external redirection between merchant and payment apps. Users can complete transactions seamlessly within the merchant’s app, significantly reducing transaction time and minimizing payment failures.

According to Paytm, “Merchants benefit from the advantage of fewer steps required to complete a UPI payment, resulting in reduced transaction time and lower or no payment failures.”

Backed by Paytm Payments Bank Technology
Powering the Paytm UPI SDK is the cutting-edge technology of Paytm Payments Bank. The distribution of Paytm UPI SDK to existing online merchants is facilitated by Paytm Payments Services Ltd, a fully-owned subsidiary of OCL.

Currently, Paytm UPI SDK supports payments from UPI-linked bank accounts and RuPay credit cards. In the near future, it will also support payments with UPI Lite, aiming to completely eliminate transaction failures for small-value payments, as stated by the company.

Paytm UPI SDK emerges as a game-changing product that transforms the landscape of UPI payments for merchants. By offering fail-proof, lightning-fast payments and a seamless integration experience, it empowers merchants to enhance their business capabilities and deliver an exceptional user experience to their customers. With the continuous advancement of Paytm’s technology, the future of UPI payments looks incredibly promising.