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Parliament Special Session: PM Modi speaks on the old building of Parliament – Indians sweat and money in this building

Pm Modi Statement: The special session of Parliament has started with the address of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Pm Modi said that the old building of Parliament will also continue to inspire the coming generations. The old Parliament building may have been built by foreign rulers, but Indians have invested sweat and money in it. During a special session in the old Parliament House, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this is an opportunity to remember the country’s 75-year-old parliamentary journey once again and to move forward by remembering those inspiring moments, important moments in history before moving to the new House. We are all leaving this historic building. Before independence, this house used to be the location of the Imperial Legislative Council. After independence, it got recognition as Parliament House.

Indians sweat in the old Parliament

Pm Modi said that it is true that the decision to build this building was taken by foreign rulers, but we can never forget this and we can proudly say that the sweat of my countrymen was spent in the construction of this building, the hard work was of my countrymen and the money also belonged to the people of my country.

The 75-year journey of democracy

“Our journey of 75 years has created the best of democratic traditions and processes, and every person in this House has actively contributed and witnessed it. We may move to a new building, but the old building i.e. this building will always inspire the coming generations.

Praise the success of the G-20

Addressing the special session of Parliament, Prime Minister Modi said that today you have praised the success of G-20 in one voice. I express my gratitude to you. The success of G-20 is the success of 140 crore citizens of the country. This is India’s success, not that of any individual or party. It is a matter of celebration for all of us.

Saying goodbye to the old Parliament is an emotional moment

Pm Modi further said that it is a very emotional moment to say goodbye to this House, if the family also leaves the old house and goes to the new house, then many memories shake it for a few moments and we are leaving this House, so our mind is also full of those feelings and is full of many memories. Celebrations, sour-sweet moments, knock-jerks are associated with these memories.

He was emotional when he entered Parliament for the first time.

“When I became a member of Parliament for the first time and when I entered this building as an MP for the first time, I instinctively took my first step by bowing my head at the door of this House, that moment was full of emotions for me.