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Pakistan’s Home Minister Sanaullah claims, Imran Khan is plotting against the country


Pakistan’s Home Minister Rana Sanaullah has made a big allegation against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and former Prime Minister Imran Khan. It has been claimed that intelligence agencies have traced the conversation through phone calls. It is learned that Imran Khan’s party is conspiring to defame law enforcement officers.

Sanaullah hurriedly called a press conference on Saturday night. In it, he alleged that the move was aimed at falsely implicating law-enforcement agencies in the crime and later raising the issue at the international level. The home minister claimed that the country’s agencies had intercepted communications revealing several conspiracies, including the fake raid on PTI leader Imran’s house and the rape plot.

At the same time, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf President Imran hit back at Sanaullah on Sunday, saying that Sanaullah was clearly trying to hide the “terrible stories” coming in the media. Imran tweeted, ‘If there is any doubt about the misbehavior of women in jail, let this press conference of this certified criminal dispel all such doubts.’

Imran said that this fascist government has never exploited and harassed women in the country. That too at a time when she was exercising her right to peaceful protest.

Imran’s difficulties increased after May 9

Imran’s difficulties have increased after the violent incidents on May 9. Imran Khan was arrested from the court. Enraged by Imran’s arrest, Imran’s supporters took to the streets across the country. Imran was later released on the orders of the Supreme Court. Many people have been arrested in this case of violence.

Pakistan’s health minister raised questions about mental health

Recently, Pakistan’s Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel questioned the mental health of Imran Khan. He said evidence of alcohol and cocaine was found in the sample of the former prime minister. Talking to reporters about Imran’s medical reports, he said that the tests were conducted by the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences on May 9 after Imran’s arrest in the Al Qadir Trust case.