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Pakistani fiancee Sara can’t come to India, a young man from Kolkata pleads with PM Modi to get a visa


Sameer Khan, a resident of Kolkata, has requested the Indian government for a visa for his fiancee Sarah Khanum, who lives in Karachi, Pakistan. He has demanded from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar that Sara Khanum be given a visa to come to India. Sara wants him to settle his house soon. 31-Sameer Khan of Zawatla Road, Kalokatan contacted Maqbool Ahmad of Ahmadiyya Jamaat, Qadian (Gurdaspur) on phone and told that his fiancee and his family members had applied twice for visa to come to India.

He was given a clean chit by the concerned department and the police, but still he was not granted a visa. Maqbool Ahmed, a resident of Qadi, got married in 2003 to Tahira Maqbool, a resident of Faisalabad. Their marriage was in the limelight. After this, Pakistani brides keep contacting him for visa help. It has granted Indian visas to more than a dozen Pakistani married people.

Samir Khan says that visa policy should be relaxed regarding marriage between citizens of two countries. For an Indian citizen sponsoring his relatives from Pakistan to come to India, it is necessary to get the Indian citizen attested by a gazetted officer and attach the official ID card of the attesting officer with the visa file. The gazetted officer reluctantly verifies the Indian citizen but does not issue his official identity card.

Sameer Khan has demanded that the government should recognize the attestation of notaries public. The Indian Embassy in Pakistan refuses to accept visa applications without an identity card from a government official. Sameer said he had applied for Indian visas twice for his fiancee and her family after being attested by a government gazetted officer, but still they were denied visas. Now his fiancee Sara Khanum is going to apply for Indian visa again.