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Pakistan political crisis: Imran Khan’s serious allegation – PTI women workers are being raped


Imran Khan : After the May 9 violence in Pakistan, the government and the army are cracking down on Imran Khan and PTI workers, but now there are reports of rape of PTI women workers in Pakistan. Imran Khan himself has made this serious allegation against the Government of Pakistan. Earlier, Pakistan’s Home Minister Rana Sanaullah had alleged that Imran Khan’s party could do conspiracies like rape of women workers to defame the government. At present, the news of harassment of women workers of PTI in Pakistan has created an uproar.

Imran Khan’s serious allegation
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said that the way these people caught the women of Insaf Party and put them in jails, it is Tehreek and then what are we getting to know about the way they were treated. We have also heard about his rap. Now let me tell you what happened on 25th May? On May 25, they entered the houses by breaking the doors. He was neither worried about the sheet nor the boundary wall. There are also women. The women were also taken away.

Rana Sanaullah accused of conspiracy
On the other hand, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said that intelligence agencies intercepted a conversation in which a conspiracy was being hatched to shoot or rape a well-known PTI worker. Along with this, another drama was also going on that rap act should be done i.e. real rap act should be done. Let us tell you that at present the issues of rape and misbehavior with women workers and leaders of PTI are being discussed in Pakistan. Many well-known women leaders of Pakistan have also made allegations of misbehavior. But now the news of rape is showing the lowest level of politics in Pakistan.

Rana Sanaullah says that in the intercepted conversation, there was a conspiracy to shoot or rape at the house of a well-known PTI worker, which can be tossed as a human rights issue in the media. There was a threat that food donation would be implemented today, so I told people today. Imran Khan is plotting to defame the government with the help of women workers of his party.


After this clarification of the Home Minister, discussion started in Pakistan. After these allegations, Imran Khan came forward and bombed Sanaullah. This revelation created panic in Pakistan. Many videos of the arrest of PTI women workers are running on TV and social media as well, but this disclosure of Imran Khan is no less than a big bang.

Imran Khan claimed that he had received reports of rape and misbehavior with PTI women workers in the past as well. But the press conference of Rana Sanaullah has exposed the apprehensions of the Shahbaz government. Because PTI workers will tell everyone the truth after coming out of jail. On the other hand, discussion has started in the Pakistani media that what can be the meaning of Rana Sanaullah’s press conference.

Imran Khan is now attacking Pakistan for the misbehavior with the women workers of his party. House arrests, and what atrocities are meted out to women in jails. Let us tell you that many leaders who left PTI earlier had also complained that they are not treated well in jails and it is very difficult to live in jails.