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Pakistan Cricket: Is Shahid Afridi Set to Become Captain? Surprising Revelation by Father-in-law

Shahid Afridi on Shaheen Shah Afridia, Pakistan Captain

In the recent Asia Cup 2023, Pakistan’s cricket team, led by captain Babar Azam, faced a string of disappointments that drew sharp criticism. After suffering a defeat against Sri Lanka, the Pakistani team found themselves out of the Super 4 round, dashing their hopes of reaching the finals. This dismal performance prompted discussions about potential changes in leadership, with rumors swirling that Shaheen Shah Afridi might be taking over as the new captain. In this article, we delve into the controversy and explore the insights provided by Shahid Afridi, the former captain and Shahin Afridi’s father-in-law.

Pakistan’s Dismal Performance

The Asia Cup 2023 witnessed Pakistan’s cricket team delivering a disappointing performance. They were eliminated from the tournament in the Super 4 round, failing to secure a spot in the finals. Pakistan faced a crushing defeat at the hands of India, losing by a substantial margin of 228 runs. Adding to their woes, Sri Lanka also handed them a defeat. As a result, there have been discussions about the team’s reorganization, including the removal of Shadab Khan from his position as the team’s vice-captain and the potential appointment of Shaheen Afridi as the new captain.

Shahid Afridi’s Clarification

According to reports from the Pakistani cricket scene, Shahid Afridi has categorically denied having any involvement in recommending Shaheen Afridi for the captaincy role. In an interview with a local channel, Shahid Afridi expressed his bewilderment over the rumors circulating on social media that suggested he had lobbied for Shaheen to become the captain. Shahin Afridi has twice led Lahore Qalandars to victory in the Pakistan Super League, a notable achievement, but Shahid Afridi asserts that the rumors are entirely baseless.

Keeping Captaincy Away from Shaheen

Pakistan’s cricket stalwart, Shahid Afridi, emphasized that he is primarily concerned with the welfare of the team and its players. He maintains that he only wishes to keep Shaheen away from the captaincy role. Media reports suggest that Shaheen Afridi could be considered for the position of the team’s vice-captain, replacing Shadab Khan, who had a less than stellar performance in the Asia Cup, managing to secure only six wickets throughout the tournament.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding the potential appointment of Shaheen Shah Afridi as the captain of the Pakistan cricket team appears to be driven by baseless rumors. Shahid Afridi, a respected figure in Pakistani cricket, has refuted any claims of lobbying for Shaheen and has underlined his commitment to the well-being of the team. As the situation unfolds, cricket fans will be watching closely to see how the Pakistan Cricket Board addresses the leadership question.

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