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Order of inquiry in case of molestation of elderly woman


Kanpur (Kanhapur), May 25 (Hindustan Times). Police Commissioner B.P. Jogdand has ordered an inquiry against a 100-year-old woman suffering from cataracts based on the victim’s complaint in the rape case.

Chandrakali (100 years), a resident of Mirzapur village in Kanpur, has alleged in a complaint to the Commissioner of Police that the Kalyanpur police station has registered a case against her under various sections, including molestation. While he is blind in both eyes and suffering from cataracts. Not only that, she can’t even walk alone. As soon as the complaint was received, Police Commissioner B.P. Jogdand, seeing the police department becoming dirty, handed over the investigation of this case to the area officer.

It may be mentioned that Madhuri, a resident of Kalyanpur Police Station area, filed a complaint on 6 May 2023. In which he has alleged that a report was received in the tehsil on March 6, 2012, in which a plot in Mirzapur village was registered in his name. With the intention of arresting him, Chandrakali’s family wants to arrest him by creating fake documents. Regarding this land dispute, on May 6, 2023, Chandrakali and her family members came in a trolley and broke the gate on the plot, and the next day on May 7, Madhuri and her husband arrived to claim the land. A conspiracy was hatched, then 12 people including Sushma Tiwari, Krishna Murari and Mamata Dubey attacked. Not only this, he showed bully and threatened to kill him by stopping the work. Madhuri’s allegations don’t end here, she alleged that Chandrakali, Sushma Tiwari, Krishna Murari and Mamata Dubey run an extortion gang. The main reason is that these people have been living near the plot for a long time.

The police filed a case as per the tahrir given in the police station

According to the police of Kalyanpur police station, it is written on the tahrir that these people do not allow anyone to build a house without taking 5 to 10 lakh rupees. Chandrakali Devi has threatened that the house will not be built without paying 10 lakh rupees. If the money is not given then the plot will go and so will the life. On Madhuri Tiwari’s complaint, the police filed a report against the elderly woman and other family members, including her son and daughter-in-law, for extortion, death threats and other charges.

After receiving information about the matter, the victim reached the police commissioner’s office

When Chandrakali, an elderly woman, came to know about the registration of a case, she along with her family reached the police commissioner’s office to seek justice. After learning about the entire episode, the police commissioner reprimanded Kalyanpur station in-charge Devendra Dubey and the ACP and asked them to close the FIR and send the final report to the court.

The victim Chandrakali said that she also has a plot in Mirzapur. Some people want to catch it. That is why a case has been filed against me and my family. Madhuri has lodged an FIR against Chandrakali and her family.