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OpenAI launched ChatGPT app in these 11 countries, India is also included in the list


New Delhi : About a week after OpenAI announced the launch of the iOS app for ChatGPT in the US, the company has rolled it out to 11 more countries. That is, this app will now be available in France, UK, Jamaica, Korea, Ireland, Nicaragua, Albania, Croatia etc.

But India is not included in this list. The San Francisco-based company launched ChatGPT Plus in India in March, but it looks like the launch of the app may take some time.

is this chatgpt free app

This app is free and comes without ads. Not only this, it will give users the experience of using ChatGPT on a web browser. The interface resembles a messaging application, where users can begin typing text at the bottom of the screen. In addition, you can write symbols. This feature is due to the integration of Open-AI’s open-source speech recognition system, Whisper.

Who informed about the launching

The new development was also announced by Meera Murthy, CTO of OpenAI. Murthy wrote in a tweet that the ChatGPT app for iOS is now available in these countries and will be rolled out to other countries soon.

when first announced

On 18 May the company announced the launch of its iOS app for ChatGPT. According to the company, the app will sync user history across devices and reflect the latest improvements in the OpenAI model. In its blog post, the company said that with the ChatGPT app for iOS, we are taking another step towards our mission by turning cutting-edge research into useful tools that empower people while making them increasingly accessible.

What is the company’s plan?

OpenAI said that iOS app users will get instant access to answers without any ads. It will give tailored advice on a variety of topics. The app can also be a source of creative inspiration for many. iOS apps for professionals can prove to be a tool that can boost productivity. Also, it can be a great tool for education.