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Ola Users Beware: The Shocking Costs of Cruise Control Exposed in CEO’s Tweet!

Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal: Exploring the Idea of Subscription-Based Cruise Control


In a surprising turn of events, Bhavish Aggarwal, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ola, recently hinted at the possibility of introducing a subscription fee for cruise control. This revelation came through a social media post, where Aggarwal shared his thoughts on this innovative concept. While the idea of a subscription fee for cruise control may seem unconventional, it’s worth diving deeper into his reasoning and what it could mean for Ola users.

What is Cruise Control?

Before we delve into Aggarwal’s announcement, let’s establish what cruise control entails. Cruise control is a feature that allows a vehicle to maintain a steady speed without the need for continuous accelerator input. It’s akin to having a virtual chauffeur, ensuring your ride is smooth and effortless. Typically, the driver can relax and enjoy the journey without constantly adjusting the throttle.

The Intriguing Video

Aggarwal’s revelation came in the form of a video that recently surfaced online. In this video, an individual is seen riding an Ola electric scooter with cruise control engaged. What makes this demonstration captivating is the fact that the rider’s hands remain off the handlebars, and the scooter maintains a consistent speed as if it’s being controlled remotely. This video showcases the essence of cruise control—hands-free, comfortable, and an enjoyable ride.

“Honey, I’m Coming Home!”

In the caption of the video, Aggarwal humorously wrote, “Husband returning home upon hearing ‘Honey, I’m coming home!'” He accompanied this caption with some laughing emojis. It’s evident that Aggarwal found this hands-free riding experience amusing and potentially useful for everyday life.

The Subscription Fee Contemplation

Aggarwal’s statement, “Thinking of introducing a subscription fee for cruise control,” added an intriguing layer to the video. This comment implies that Ola is exploring the idea of making cruise control a premium feature, accessible through a subscription-based model. This idea is a departure from the traditional concept of having cruise control as a standard feature in vehicles. While some may find this surprising, it’s essential to understand the potential benefits.

The Potential Benefits

Enhanced User Experience

By introducing a subscription-based cruise control system, Ola could significantly enhance the user experience. Users who opt for this feature would enjoy a more relaxed and enjoyable ride, making their daily commutes and trips more convenient.

Revenue Generation

From a business perspective, this move could be a source of additional revenue for Ola. Subscriptions could provide a steady stream of income, which would be crucial for continued innovation and service improvement.


Subscription-based cruise control could also open doors for customization. Users might have access to various cruise control settings, allowing them to tailor their driving experience to their preferences.

User Reactions

After Aggarwal’s announcement, the video received numerous reactions from users. One user humorously commented, “It seems like the scooter is being controlled remotely, and the remote is with the wife.” These reactions indicate that people are intrigued by the concept and are open to the idea of a hands-free, effortless ride.


Bhavish Aggarwal’s hint at a subscription fee for cruise control is undoubtedly an innovative move in the world of transportation. It has the potential to redefine how people perceive their daily commutes and could provide a new level of comfort and convenience. While this idea may take some getting used to, it’s a testament to Ola’s commitment to enhancing the driving experience for its users.