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Now the designer baby will be born in the laboratory?


The technology to create embryos in the laboratory is already available, but in the future designer babies may also be produced in the laboratory. This claim has been made by Japanese scientists. He has succeeded in producing egg and sperm in the laboratory itself. He claims that this will be possible in the next five years. Scientists have succeeded in creating mouse sperm and eggs in the lab. It will also create an embryo, which will then be developed into an artificial embryo. The experiment on mice led by Professor Katsuhiko Hayashi of Kyushu University in Japan has been successful. Now these results need to be applied to humans, he said. He said it would take five years to produce egg-like cells from a human. Scientists claim that by the year 2028, this fantasy will turn into reality. Hayashi said the technique, which has been used on mice, will soon be used on human cells. The technology will also pave the way for two men to become fathers, meaning two men in same-sex relationships can become fathers.

Seven mice were developed in the laboratory

Hayashi and his team currently grow seven mice in the lab. Both her biological parents are male rats. Using the skin and cells of male mice, eggs and sperm were created and then fertilized. The ability to grow human sperm and eggs in the laboratory is called in vitro gametogenesis.