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No Spa, No Parlor! Repair damaged hair with these home remedies


Bengaluru: Home remedies for damaged hair : Now summer is going on. In summers one usually faces the problem of lifeless and dry hair. Because of this, many women visit salons and parlors from time to time for spa or hair treatments. But for this a lot of money has to be spent. You can take care of your hair at home using these products without spending a lot of money. These methods are very simple and easy. Not only this, it also helps in repairing damaged hair within a few days.

Hair oiling:
many times we Care of skin Different types of products and methods are used for this. But we forget to take care of our hair. This makes the hair dry and lifeless. This problem is more in summer. This also leads to the problem of split ends. This also stops the growth of hair.


which oil is best
Applying oil to hair is a simple solution to hair problems. That’s why oil must be applied to the hair at least twice a week. This gives natural moisture to the hair. Use olive oil or coconut oil for silky hair


Apply hair mask on hair:
bright rays of the sun Cause sweating. In such a situation, if there is sweating in the hair, then the hair will start falling more. That’s why more attention should be paid to hair care in summer. Against this background hair masks should be used to repair damaged hair.


Ingredients needed to make hair mask:
Egg – 1
Coconut oil – 2 teaspoons
Curd – 2 spoons

How to make hair mask:
* First take a bowl.
* Mix egg yolk, coconut oil and curd in it.
* Now apply this mixture to your hair.
Wash hair with shampoo after 30 minutes.


It is also very important to apply conditioner after shampooing the hair because the hair starts getting damaged due to excessive exposure to the sun. Applying conditioner to the hair not only makes the hair soft but also increases the shine of the hair. Also protects hair from damage caused by sun rays.