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No power shortage, farmers to get 8 hours uninterrupted power in paddy season – ETO


Punjab News: Punjab Electricity Minister Harbhajan Singh ETO said that Chief Minister Bhagwant Hon The Punjab Government under the leadership of Shri. Therefore, new sub-stations are being set up across the state to reduce the load on the existing sub-stations. In this category, 40 new 66 KV substations with 20 MVA power transformers are being set up across the state, including 13 in South Zone, 12 in Central Zone, 6 in West Zone, 5 in Border Zone and 4 in North Zone.

Apart from this, 22 MVA additional power transformers are being installed at 35 66 KV sub stations in Punjab. Similarly, 82 power transformers are being upgraded from 16/20 MVA to 25/31.5 MVA and another 23 power transformers from 10/12.5 MVA to 16/20 MVA. He was addressing the customers of sub division Tanda and Bhogpur on the occasion of inauguration of 66 KV sub-station at Kalyanpur today. He said that the total cost of this project is more than 4 crore 22 lakh.

The Power Minister informed that a new 12.5 MVA power transformer has been installed at this 66 KV sub-station Kalyanpur and it is connected to four 11 KV feeders and two 11 KV feeders of 132 KV sub-station Tanda (Kalyanpur, Giddarpindi, Zahura and). Sallan). KV feeder (Mukla, Chak Shakur) is being connected to this new 66 KV substation Kalyanpur to shift 6.83 MVA load of 132 KV substation Bhogpur.

He said that power supply is affected due to transformer overloading especially during paddy sowing season/summer. He said that this new sub-station will reduce load on other sub-stations and increase power supply to consumers of 14 villages including 6 villages of Adampur assembly constituency and 8 villages of Urmur assembly constituency.


Harbhajan Singh ETO said that there is no shortage of power in the state and it will be made a power surplus state. He said that the Punjab government will ensure 8 hours of uninterrupted power supply to the farmers this paddy season. Meanwhile, he instructed the concerned officials to check all the transformers and transmission lines and if there is any problem, it should be rectified immediately. He said that 8 hours of electricity is being provided to each agricultural feeder from May 20 to May 31 for direct sowing of paddy.