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Niti Aayog meeting: Health minister asked not to attend meeting when all efforts have been exhausted.


Punjab News: Punjab Government Health Minister Dr. Balbir Singh has given his answer on many issues. Not attending the NITI Aayog meeting and the inauguration program of the new Parliament building. Aam Aadmi Party On not participating in NITI Aayog, he said that not only Punjab but many states are going to boycott the NITI Aayog meeting and the new Parliament. There are certain circumstances that require us to do so. When all your efforts come to an end. After which we had to do this to protest.

‘RDF Fund Closed’

The health minister said that the central government is constantly doing the same with the state governments and a different kind of dictatorship is running in the country. Due to which the state governments are getting worried and therefore Chief Minister Dr Bhagwant Hon And Arvind Kejriwal He is playing the role of carrying everyone along. Funds of RDF of Punjab have been stopped, Punjab and states tax is now taking center, since our government came, it is working properly, common man is getting punishment for mistakes of previous governments. Party.RDF was wronged by Akali Dal and Congress which is with BJP today.

Yoga classes will also start in Jalandhar


Informing about the yoga classes being run by the Punjab government, Minister Balbir Singh said that yoga classes are also being started in Jalandhar, classes are running at 144 places. We needed 80 trainers of which 65 applied, 42 completed the training, one teacher conducts 4 classes a day, this year 125 applied and we need 38. 2500 health and wellness centers will be given training. Apart from this thousands of Asha workers will be trained and yoga will be conducted in every village and every city.

‘Protocol Action’

I don’t know what facts are being presented by the SGPC but the appeal to the SGPC is that if they want to cooperate properly with the Punjab government, there is a protocol that you meet the Chief Minister and discuss the issue in writing. Be done with it, I work for this thing. Act according to protocol. Punjab government is ready to work in every way. We want to start a college but land disputes are going on in many places. For which the case goes to the court and after the disposal of these cases the hearing of this case will be started soon. Because that’s where our money is.

The victims will get justice soon

Regarding the Moti case, Health Minister Dr. Balbir Singh said that this is the biggest real estate scam ever. Due to which many people’s money was trapped, but now the matter will be resolved soon by taking action. Justice will be given to the victims.