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Nipah Virus Alert in Kerala: A Comprehensive Guide to Stay Safe in the Containment Areas

Nipah Virus Outbreak in Kerala: Schools Shut Down in Northern Kerala

In a precautionary measure against the spread of the Nipah virus in the northern Kerala district of Kozhikode, all educational institutions have been closed for two days, starting from Thursday and Friday. The official announcement of the holiday was made by Kozhikode District Magistrate A Geetha. The District Magistrate made the announcement on her official Facebook page, stating, “Educational institutions can conduct online classes for students during these two days. There will be no changes in the university exam schedule.”

Nipah Virus Strikes Again: 76 Affected

The Nipah virus infection is spreading in Kerala, with a 24-year-old healthcare worker testing positive for the virus on Wednesday. This marks the fifth case of infection in Kerala. In response to the Nipah virus outbreak in Kozhikode, a control room has been set up in the neighboring Wayanad district for 24-hour monitoring. Kerala Health Minister Veena George has stated that the condition of all 76 individuals classified in the high-risk category has stabilized.

Widespread Threat of Infection across Kerala

Wayanad district administration has formed 15 core committees to effectively deal with emergency situations related to infection prevention and monitoring activities. The government has indicated that the strain of the virus found in the state is similar to the virus present in Bangladesh, which is transmitted from human to human and has a higher mortality rate. However, this virus is less contagious.

The government also revealed that 13 other individuals with mild symptoms are under observation in hospitals. Among the infected individuals, only a nine-year-old child is being kept in intensive care for thorough medical attention.

Need for ICU Facilities in Containment Zones

The government has requested monoclonal antibodies from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for the treatment of the child. Monoclonal antibodies are the only available anti-viral treatment for Nipah virus infection, but they have not yet been clinically proven.

In response to the Nipah virus infection threat, a high-level review meeting chaired by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was held. George stated, “We have reached the conclusion that there are possible measures available for preventing the infection, and there is no need to panic.”

George also pointed out that studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and ICMR have revealed that the risk of the infection spreading is not limited to Kozhikode alone but extends to the entire state of Kerala.

According to George, people residing in forested areas should exercise the utmost caution, as the latest case of Nipah virus infection was reported within 5 kilometers of a forested region.

In addition to the declared containment ward in the ward of Kozhikode district on Tuesday, four more wards – Attancheri, Maruthonkara, Thiruvallur, Kuttikkode, Viliyapalli, and Kavilumpara – were declared as restricted areas by the Kozhikode administration.

In conclusion, the Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala has led to precautionary measures, including the closure of schools and intensified monitoring efforts in affected areas. The government is taking necessary steps to control the situation and minimize the risk of further spread of the virus.