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New Parliament: Modi Cabinet meeting in the middle of special session of Parliament, big announcement can be made

Special Session: The first day of the special session of Parliament, which started on Monday, was held in the old building of Parliament. During this, PM Modi addressed the country and remembered the old Prime Ministers. During this, the leaders of the opposition also gave their address. Parliament will function in the new House from the next day i.e. tomorrow. There has been a surprise from day one about the convening of the five-day session of Parliament. Meanwhile, a cabinet meeting is scheduled to be held on Monday evening. Speculation about this meeting continues. It is being told that on this day the Modi government can make a big announcement.

Cabinet meeting on Monday evening

Annexe building of Parliament. Many important decisions can be taken in this meeting to be chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, sources say that no concrete information has been revealed about the purpose of this meeting. This meeting is taking place when the next meeting of the special session will be held in the new building of Parliament.

Many shocking steps in the session?
It is also being told that many shocking steps can be taken in the five-day session of Parliament. However, a key item on the agenda listed for the session is a special discussion on the 75-year journey of Parliament that began with the Constituent Assembly. The government has also listed a bill providing for appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner and other election commissioners for discussion and passage in the session. The bill was introduced in the Rajya Sabha during the last monsoon session. There are a total of 4 bills on the government’s agenda, which it will introduce. But the opposition fears that something bigger may happen.

of the listed agenda is also the fact that the government has the privilege of introducing some new law or other subject in Parliament which is not necessarily part of the listed agenda. But the government had already released the agenda for the special session. On the first day of the session, lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will discuss the journey of Parliament in 75 years. During this time, there will be a discussion on parliamentary travel from the Constituent Assembly to today. At present, the eyes are now on the cabinet meeting to see what other steps can be taken in the middle of the Parliament session.

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