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Narendra Singh Tomar’s Mega Surprise for Farmers – You Won’t Believe It

Farmers Loan Portal: Empowering Millions of Farmers Across India

In a significant move to benefit millions of farmers across India, the Central Government, led by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, is launching a special initiative. Under this program, they will inaugurate the “Kisan Rin Portal” or Farmers Loan Portal, aimed at assisting in obtaining Subsidy Loans under the Kisan Credit Card scheme. Let’s delve into the details of this initiative and understand its implications for the farming community.

Launching the Campaign

The launch event for this program is set to take place in the rural heartland of Pusa. It will feature a door-to-door campaign to promote the Kisan Credit Card scheme and introduce the Weather Information Network Data System (WINDS) portal.

Insights from the Ministry of Agriculture

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the Farmer Loan Digital Platform provides a comprehensive view of farmer data, loan distribution specifics, interest rate concessions, and progress in the use of schemes. This platform aims to facilitate easier integration with banks for more focused and efficient agricultural loans.

7.35 Crore Kisan Credit Card Accounts Opened by March 30

A statement has revealed that as of March 30, approximately 7.35 crore Kisan Credit Card accounts have been opened, with a total approved limit of ₹8.85 lakh crore. This demonstrates the substantial reach and impact of the Kisan Credit Card scheme.

Disbursing ₹6,573.50 Crore in Agricultural Loans

As per government figures, during the first five months of the current fiscal year (April to August), agricultural loans amounting to ₹6,573.50 crore have been disbursed at subsidized interest rates. To enhance the benefits of Kisan Credit Cards, the government plans to extend the outreach through the “Ghar Ghar Abhiyan” and reach non-KCC holders under the central scheme ‘PM-Kisan,’ wherein each eligible beneficiary receives ₹6,000 annually in their bank accounts.


The launch of the Kisan Rin Portal is a significant step towards simplifying and streamlining access to agricultural credit for farmers across India. It underscores the government’s commitment to the welfare of farmers and the agriculture sector. With millions of Kisan Credit Card accounts already in place, this initiative is poised to make a substantial impact on the lives of farmers.