Tuesday , July 27 2021

Mystery of Krishna’s Dwarka

A mother killed her own two children thinking them to be pigs and ate them. Yes, it will be difficult for you to believe this but it is true. This woman from Thailand first killed both the children and later cooked them and ate them. One child was one year old and the other five years old. When the police reached the woman’s house, she was sleeping with their body parts.

The woman belongs to a hill tribe and has been undergoing treatment for mental illness since 2007. But sometime back he had stopped all the medicines all of a sudden. The woman was alone in the house with her children when the incident took place. Her husband had gone out to get medicines. When the husband returned home, his senses were blown away. It was he who told everything about the woman’s illness.

Doctor Kiyatuphum of the Mental Health Department told that the woman had stopped taking medicines and due to this she could not control herself. Actually this woman used to have fantasies and all the time she felt that someone was coming to kill her. In this deception, she killed her children thinking of them as pigs and cooked them and ate them. After the incident, the woman has been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

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