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Muslim Reservation: How did reservation become a big issue in elections? PM Modi gave the example of Jamia Millia

3ng1iro Pm Modi Pti 625x300 01 MLok Sabha Elections: The last round of voting is remaining in the Lok Sabha elections. Earlier in an interview to ANI, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was asked whether the target of crossing 400 that he had set is being crossed? Because the opposition is saying that it will only be possible to reach 220-240. Emphasizing on the ‘last round’, the PM said that a new round will begin for us. This is the last round for those who were making big promises after seeing big dreams. The next question was on reservation. 

In the Lok Sabha elections, there was talk about micro chips and manufacturing, then how did reservation suddenly become such a big issue? Why are you (Prime Minister) repeatedly talking about reservation? While answering this question, the PM said that I am warning my SC, ST, OBC and extremely backward brothers and sisters. Because these people are looting by keeping them in the dark. Elections are such a time when the biggest crisis is coming, the countrymen should be awakened from it, that is why I am insistently explaining to the public

PM said that two things are happening. One, the basic spirit of the Indian Constitution is being violated. The limits of the Constitution are being torn to shreds. That too for their vote bank politics. PM further said that they made educational institutions minority institutions overnight. Reservation in it was abolished. Now they changed a rule that was not in their jurisdiction. Even the university was given

Discussion of Jamia Millia

PM Modi mentioned Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia and said that it has been made a minority community. All reservations have been abolished. Neither in admissions nor in jobs. Later, things came to light that there are about 10 thousand institutions which have been deprived of the right to SC-ST reservation through the back door… the Constitution has been stabbed in the back.

He said that the dream with which Baba Saheb Ambedkar had created this system has been mortgaged for vote bank. When these things came to my notice, I felt that the country should be made aware of this.