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Musk advises other companies, employers have ‘dirty thoughts’


Tesla and Twitter owner Elon Musk has given the Silicon Valley tech giant his mantra of increasing productivity. Musk has advised other company owners to lay off employees, as he did on Twitter. This advice of Elon Musk was not liked by the employees. They are criticizing Musk. Significantly, before Musk bought Twitter, the company had 7500 employees and now their number has come down to 1500.

Musk has fired 80 percent of the employees

Musk also reportedly said that when I took over Twitter, there were many people whose contribution was zero. For this I decided to lay off. The result was an improvement in productivity. Significantly, after taking over Twitter, Elon Musk has laid off about 80 percent of its employees. He also ousted the then CEO of Twitter, Parag Agarwal, from the company.


told why the layoffs were done

In an interview, Musk also explained the reason for Twitter’s retrenchment. He said that there are many people in the company who have no contribution in taking the company forward. This is still the case in many companies even in Silicon Valley. I believe layoffs are possible in other companies and can be done without affecting productivity. By doing this, productivity can be increased. Musk said that when he bought Twitter, the position of the company was that you could not have a meeting with 10 people. This was because if one person’s foot was on the accelerator, the other 9’s foot would be on the brake.

twitter will be hiring soon

Musk said that Twitter will start hiring soon. Musk did not give a date. Presently 1500 employees are working in the company. Musk considers it a good number. At the time Musk bought Twitter, it had 7,500 employees. Kasturi laid off about 80 percent of the workforce to cut costs and bring the company into profit.