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Multiply Your Earnings: The ₹12 Dividend Per Share You Didn’t Know About

Tech Mahindra Share: An In-Depth Analysis

In recent times, companies have been releasing their quarterly results, and the outcomes have been a mixed bag. Some companies have seen impressive results, while others have had a rough quarter. Today, we’ll take a closer look at one such company, Tech Mahindra, which has seen a decline in profits but has announced a dividend of 12 rupees per share.

Introduction to Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra recently released its quarterly results along with an announcement of dividends. The financials reveal a significant decline in the company’s profits. In the second quarter of this fiscal year, the company’s profits have decreased by a staggering 61%, leaving it with a net profit of 505.3 crore rupees.

The Dividend Declaration

In the same quarter of the previous fiscal year, the company had earned a net profit of 1,299.2 crore rupees. Along with the results, Tech Mahindra has also declared an interim dividend. The company is set to pay an interim dividend of 12 rupees per share, and for this purpose, the record date has been fixed as November 2nd. The dividend will be paid on November 21st to the shareholders listed on the company’s register as of the record date.

Share Price Decline

According to information shared with the stock market, Tech Mahindra’s operating income for the second quarter decreased by 2% to 12,864 crore rupees compared to the same period in the previous fiscal year when it was 13,129.5 crore rupees. Additionally, on a Thursday, Tech Mahindra’s shares experienced a drop of more than 3%. The 52-week high for Tech Mahindra’s shares on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) is 1320 rupees, while the 52-week low is 981.05 rupees.


Tech Mahindra’s financial results and the announcement of an interim dividend raise some questions about the company’s financial health. The significant drop in profits is a matter of concern for investors, although the dividend declaration may bring some relief. It will be interesting to see how the market reacts to these developments in the coming weeks.