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Monsoon Vegetables: These five vegetables should must eat; it is spoon for the health, its cost very low


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Rainy Vegetables: In Monsoon days making changes in our meals is very important. Ayurvedacharyo says that these days you should be including these 5 vegetables in your diet.

Which Vegetables to Eat in Rainy Season: On this day monsoon is going at the top of above. These days the weather becomes changed. As well as insects are also found in many vegetables available in the market. These days as well as this are rotten and expensive. Because of all these reasons you should make changes in your diet routine. It becomes necessary to do this. This worm and bacteria can reach your stomach. Today we are going to tell you about those 5 vegetables, which you should eat during the rainy season

(Vegetables to eat in Rainy Season)

Ridge Gourd

Eating monsoon vegetables in this season is beneficial for your health. These vegetables contain lots of water. These vegetables are very easy to digest. Due to availability in abundance these days, it is available very cheaply.


Amaranth greens are eaten so much in the rainy season. These greens contain lots of nutrients and elements, which strengthen your bones .you can make pakora and greens from the leaves of Amaranth. if you want you can make it with potatoes can be eaten together.

Ladyfingers: Lady Fingers are the main vegetables during the rainy season. It is very beneficial for health and easily digestible it occurs. Its taste is also very good in food.

  • Beans: Vegetables with pods also come in the market to be sold in the monsoon. Eating them is beneficial for your health. Even insects cannot enter them because these vegetables remain above the ground. Beans and vegetables can be used in pulao, bhajia.
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