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Modi Government: From Statue of Unity to Atal Tunnel… Know Specially about these 5 Record-Setting Construction Projects of Modi Government


In the last 9 years, there have been many films in the country which have created records at the national and international levels. It started with the Statue of Unity in Gujarat, which broke China’s record. Not only this, in the transport sector, the Modi government has built many bridges over the decade, which has made commuting easier along with saving time and fuel. These constructions facilitated and also created records in different parts of the country. Know where the Modi government has done record breaking constructions.

Statue of Unity – Tallest Statue in the World:
On 31 October 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Statue of Unity, the world’s tallest statue, on the 143rd birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. i. The Statue of Unity is 182 meters tall in front of Sarovar Dam in Gujarat. It is so tall in size that it can be seen from several kilometers away. After this statue of Sardar Patel was built in the country, India has broken the record of 128 meters high Buddha statue made in China.

Atal Tunnel – The longest tunnel in the world
World’s longest tunnel connecting Manali to Leh has been constructed in Rohtang, Himachal. It was named Atal Tunnel. Due to this tunnel, the distance between these two places was reduced by 46 km. It is built with the latest technology at an altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level. The 9 km long tunnel won the World’s Longest Highway Tunnel award in February 2022. It was inaugurated by PM Modi on 3 October 2020. Which has become 10 meters wide and 5.52 meters high.

Bogibeel – The longest rail road bridge in the country
In December 2018, the Modi government created another record in terms of infrastructure. Bogibeel, the country’s longest railway road bridge, was inaugurated in Assam’s Dibrugarh. This 4.94 km long bridge has been built at a cost of Rs 5920 crore. This bridge has been designed in such a way that even fighter planes can land here. The project was launched on 22 January 1997 by the then Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda but its construction started on 21 April 2022 under the then Atal Vajpayee government. Despite several periods during the construction of the bridge in 16 years, it could not be completed. By accomplishing this under the Modi government, the needs of the public and the army were met.

Dhola Sadia Bridge – The longest bridge in the country
Assam’s Dhola Saadia Bridge is the longest bridge in the country. The length of this bridge over Lohit river is 9.15 km. Which works to connect Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The bridge connecting the two northeastern states was inaugurated in 2017. Its construction started in 2011 and cost Rs. It was designed at a cost of 950 crores. After its establishment in 2017, the distance between Arunachal Pradesh and Assam reduced by 165 km. His journey was shortened by 5 hours.

Mumbai Trans Harbor Link – The longest sea bridge in the country
The country’s longest sea bridge between South Mumbai and Raigad has been completed as the Mumbai Trans Harbor Link. Soon it will be opened to public. Spanning 22 km, the 6-lane bridge will reduce the 60-minute travel time between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai to 16 minutes. Apart from this, it will also work to connect Mumbai airport.