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MLA Ganiben Thakor: Daughters used to run away from DJ late at night


Congress MLA Ganiben Thakor, who is always in discussion regarding his statements, has given another statement. At a group wedding of Thakor Samaj organized in Bhabhar, MLA Ganiben Thakor said that due to late night DJ playing during wedding events, there are cases of children running away.
Apart from this, Ganiben said not to bring the DJ for the safety of the daughters. Apart from this, Ganiben advised the newlyweds not to make a crib until the husband and wife are married. I also request this.
Ganiben has already given statements for the upliftment of the society. One after another Ganiben is coming forward to wean the society away from the practice of DJing in group weddings of Thakor society. He had earlier said in a program that parents have to try to convince their children against the stubbornness of children who refuse to come to a wedding without a DJ.
It is worth mentioning that even before this Ganiben has talked about not giving mobile phones to unmarried daughters. He has also talked about allowing women to carry weapons for self-defense. Entry of 34 newly married women into Thakor society in Bhabhar. Many leaders including Ganiben Thakor, Radhanpur MLA Lovingji Thakor and people of Thakor society were present.