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Mitti Amavasya: Preparations for Basavanna in full swing


Mannetina Amavasya: Our country is mainly agricultural. If it starts raining, it is like the beginning of festival days for the farmers. As soon as the sowing work of monsoon is over, the farmers start celebrating the festival. Farmers who celebrated Black Moon a few days ago are now preparing to celebrate Amavasya.

Oxen are the companions of the earner. In the life of farmers, it is customary to worship bullocks as Basavanna, who serve as the backbone of the farmers in the fields, the pillars of their lives. The farmers who used to decorate this Basavanna on the full moon day of Kada, have now brought clay bulls to their homes. They are worshiped on the clay new moon day. Along with this, it is also customary to decorate and worship the real bulls, which are the foundation of their household, with reverence.

On the one hand, if farmers worship Basavanna’s bulls in their homes, it can be said that it is imperative for city dwellers to bring and worship bulls during this earthly new moon. That’s why there is a huge demand for clay bulls during Mitti Amavasya. It is also called the harvest festival for potters. On the occasion of clay new moon, the potters are engaged in making clay bulls a week in advance.


still made for clay new moon oxen There is a huge demand for bulls, so at this time a pair of bullocks is sold for about 20 to 30 rupees. As it is customary to worship two bulls with some soil, some soil is also offered along with the bulls. However, the potters express disappointment that despite the increase in labor, the expected income is not coming.

In fact, as technology has changed, the demand for pottery, pottery, and borders has decreased, and so have their sales. Because of this, the income of the potter class is also very less.


Shivappa, a potter from Unakal village, who is crying over this, says, ‘Even though we work throughout the year, we also struggle for bread for two times. Kettle. Don’t pick up the soil. Hogkattavi Nodri, who continues to work, says it is a good thing that the government has encouraged cottage industries.


Celebrating festivals first means joy like no other. All the family members were celebrating the festival. But in recent times, the celebration of the festival has been limited to traditional celebrations only. Even on the new moon day of clay, if you clean the house early in the morning and worship it by bringing clay bulls, then the festival ends by itself.

“Earlier there were many people. Everyone gathers for the festival. Today’s work should be done for the children of Manyaga. We have to go to work. Where is the time to celebrate? Worship in the morning, see kai mugadra mugita” is the opinion of some people.