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Missing the Moon on Karva Chauth? Here’s How to Get the Full Blessings

Karwa Chauth Ka Chand: A Divine Ritual for Longevity and Togetherness

Karwa Chauth, a significant Hindu fasting ritual, holds a special place in the hearts of married women across India. This sacred day falls on 1st November 2023, a Wednesday. On this day, married women observe a Nirjala Vrat, a fasting without water, from sunrise to moonrise. It symbolizes the deep love and commitment they have for their husbands and their desire for their longevity and prosperity.

The Rigorous Karwa Chauth Vrat

Karwa Chauth involves a day-long fast where women abstain from consuming food, water, and fruits. The fast is broken after the moonrise, following the worship of Goddess Gauri, Lord Ganesha, and Lord Shiva. In the evening, women perform Solah Shringar (16 adornments) before the puja, adding to the festivity and charm of the occasion.

The Moon, A Celestial Significance

The most awaited part of Karwa Chauth is the moonrise. After a day of rigorous fasting and the evening puja, women eagerly wait to catch a glimpse of the moon. However, sometimes unfavorable weather conditions or cloud cover can obscure the moon, creating a perplexing situation for the fasting women.

Dealing with Moonless Nights

When the moon remains elusive due to overcast skies, it can pose a dilemma for fasting women. Astrology offers solutions for such situations. Here are two methods:

  1. Silver Coin or Plate: At moonrise, you can consider offering silver coins or a silver plate as an arghya to symbolize the moon. This practice mimics the traditional offering made to the moon.
  2. Lord Shiva’s Blessings: If you don’t have silver coins or plates, you can visualize the moon on Lord Shiva’s head and offer your arghya accordingly. This heartfelt gesture is believed to yield the same results as a direct moon offering.

The Significance of Silver

But why silver? In astrology, the moon is associated with silver, making it a preferred metal for this ritual. The moon is considered the significator of the mind and emotions. When the moon is strong in one’s horoscope, it signifies a happy and prosperous life with stability in thoughts and emotions. Therefore, worshipping the silver coin or plate on Karwa Chauth is believed to bless husbands with a long, prosperous, and harmonious life.

Moonrise Timing

The timing of the moonrise is crucial, and it varies from city to city. On 1st November 2023, in New Delhi, the moon is expected to rise at around 8:15 PM. However, the moonrise time may vary slightly in different cities. Here is the expected moonrise time for various places: