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Menstrual Hygiene Day 2023: Should a menstruating daughter not eat food made by her own hands? what happens if you eat it


We all know how menstruating women were treated in the past. He was not even allowed to sleep inside the house. She was not allowed to touch men, she was not allowed to cook. In such a situation, women had to become victims of mental harassment. But as time changed everything changed.

Recently, such practice has stopped. But if you go to the village, people are still following the same custom. Not only this, women should not do any special work during menstruation. So let’s know some beliefs and facts related to women’s menstruation.

1. Is menstruation unclean and impure?
In earlier times, menstruating women were considered impure and were kept out of auspicious activities. But we all need to understand that menstruation is a natural part of the reproductive cycle. Girls have menstruation when they reach puberty. And from there every month usually till the age of 45-50 years the woman menstruates. It is natural and does not defile a woman.

2. Is the food touched by the daughter of a pregnant woman impure?
In rural areas, girls are still not allowed inside the house. He has to spend three days in some corner of the house. Don’t come to God’s room. There is no access to the kitchen. Do not touch the cooking utensils.

Whatever she touches is considered impure. But from a scientific point of view, all these are futile rituals. No one is harmed by the menstruation of girls. They can eat ready meals.


3. Is it good to eat curd, sour, pickle?
Many people experience heavy bleeding during menstruation. That’s why they consume curd, pickle and other sour things. Does consuming these ingredients really reduce bleeding? no way. No one type of food can affect your period.

Certain types of food may help relieve or reduce your pain. Because they can increase or decrease your sugar level. It can also affect hormones.


4. Can you exercise during menstruation?
Many people should not exercise during menstruation. Recommend that it affects your health. but you know? Some exercises can be done even during menstruation. It helps in relieving the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea. and removes inflammation.

5. Are you able to follow your daily routine?
There will be no problem in your daily routine due to menstruation. You can do housework comfortably. You can also go to office. But some women have severe abdominal pain. Still others bleed profusely. In such times one should rest.