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Manipur Violence: Owaisi isolated from opposition parties, why didn’t he go to Manipur together? Told himself this big reason

Asaduddin Owaisi Statement:The delegation of the opposition coalition INDIA is on a tour of Manipur today. A team of 20 leaders from 16 parties will reach Manipur and meet the victims there as well as meet the Governor. As of now, the tension in Manipur has not ended completely. The fire of ethnic violence in Manipur has not even cooled down yet. As of now, the anger of the people of Meitei and Kuki castes in Manipur has not calmed down, nor has the struggle from Parliament to the road stopped. The phase of attacks between the party and the opposition continues in the Parliament. In such a situation, now the opposition leaders have announced to leave for Manipur today. While the opposition in Parliament remained adamant on demanding the statement of the Prime Minister, the government had made it clear that the opposition was only doing politics on the issue of Manipur. Meanwhile, there is news that AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi has not gone to Manipur along with the opposition parties. Owaisi has given a big reason for this.

Government is more concerned about its image than Manipur

Asaduddin Owaisi said that the issue is that the Modi government is more concerned about its image. This violence has been going on for the last three months. It is shameful that they are not concerned about the rape of those two women and many other women. Everything is a conspiracy for them. But what about the violence in Manipur? They are not able to control it. Hence, a new angle of the plot is being given. Remove the Chief Minister, hand over the entire investigation to the CBI and hand over the arms robbery case to the NIA. Only then justice can be done.

Why didn’t Owaisi go to Manipur with opposition leaders?

AIMIM (AIMIM) Chief Asaduddin Owaisi told that he is not a part of the opposition alliance INDIA and he was not invited, so he did not go with them to Manipur. Please tell that Manipur is in the grip of violence since May 3. Due to the ethnic conflict between the Kuki and Meitei communities, 150 people have died in the state. The opposition has already brought a no-confidence motion against the government in the Lok Sabha and now the opposition leaders will reach Manipur as part of the new strategy. Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi says that he is going to share the pain of the people of Manipur.

How is the situation in Manipur now?

Significantly, the ground situation in Manipur is improving. The government has held 6 rounds of discussion between Kuki and Meitei. Paramilitary force is more than before. Life is getting normal. But politics could not become normal on Manipur violence. In the Lok Sabha, the opposition continued to create ruckus demanding immediate discussion on the no-confidence motion and demanded an answer from the Prime Minister. Not only this, the opposition also says that no other bills etc. should be passed until the no-confidence motion is discussed.