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Make hair serum at home for 10 rupees, hair will be silky


Tangled hair can be a big problem for young girls. Hair washing conditions the hair in such a way that sometimes sunlight, dust and dirt make the hair excessively dry. In such a situation, hair serum can be prepared at home to make the hair silky. This serum can be prepared for just Rs.10. It has the same effect as expensive hair care products. So know how you can prepare hair serum at home and make your hair silky and shiny.

Learn how to make hair serum for smooth hair

Hair serum can also be made with the help of tea leaves and onions. To make hair serum for silky hair, take a bowl of onion and 3 teaspoons of tea leaves, first put a glass of water in a vessel and heat it on the gas. Boil water. Put tea leaves in it and let it boil. Then mix onion in it and boil it. Boil the mixture for 15 minutes, cool and fill in a spray bottle. Your hair serum is ready. This will make the hair soft and will also help in hair growth. Tea husk water makes hair shiny.


this serum will work

You can make aloe vera hair serum and apply it on your hair. To make aloe vera hair serum, take 1/4 cup of fresh aloe vera gel. Add 2 teaspoons of coconut oil and Vitamin E capsule to it. Grind this mixture in a mixer. Doing this will make it thinner. Now fill it in a bottle. Take this serum on the palm and apply it in the roots of the hair. This will make tangled hair straight soon.

What will you focus on?

While using hair serum, keep in mind that do not apply excessive serum. Using too much serum will make hair sticky and look greasy. Avoid applying the serum to the roots of the hair and apply in small amounts. Otherwise the hair will look heavy.