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Mahila Mahapanchayat will be held tomorrow in front of the new Parliament


Delhi: It has been more than a month since wrestlers sat on a dharna demanding the arrest of former Wrestling Federation of India president Brijbhushan Sharan Singh. But so far the government has not accepted their demand. Meanwhile, the Khap Panchayat announced a Mahila Mahapanchayat in front of the new Parliament on 28 May in support of the wrestlers. The preparations for which are going on vigorously. At the same time, the head of North India’s largest khap panchayat and wrestlers are appealing to women and youth to participate in large numbers in this mahapanchayat.

Khap Pradhan inspected

Chaudhary Surinder Solanki of Palam 360 Khap, who is constantly active on Jantar-Mantar along with agitating wrestlers, inspected the Mahapanchayat site. Meanwhile, representatives of many Khap were also present with him. Speaking to the media on the occasion, Chaudhary Surinder Solanki said that the agitating wrestlers are not being cared for at any level. Regarding this, the representatives of Khapan decided to organize a women’s panchayat in front of the new parliament building in the panchayat organized in Maham last Sunday. In the same chapter, preparations have been made for the women’s panchayat sit-in in front of the new parliament building today.

Delhi Police Appeal ‘Don’t Stop Anyone’


He said that a large number of women will participate in the Panchayat. Solanki also appealed to the police not to prevent anyone from coming to Mahila Vishal Panchayat. Along with this, he appealed to the government and the police administration and said that the responsibility of the security of all the women and sportsmen coming to this Mahapanchayat is also the responsibility of the government. Solanki said that we have also invited His Excellency the President for the Maha Panchayat to be held on 28th. Along with this, all the women MPs should come to the Mahapanchayat and help these children get justice because they are the first women and should fulfill their responsibilities as women.

The march will start from various borders of Delhi

Farmers and labor unions from Haryana and Punjab will reach the Singhu border by 11 am in the Mahila Samman Mahapanchayat to be held on May 28 in front of the new parliament building, the players said. While the Sangharsh Samiti of Haryana’s Khap Panchayats will reach the Tikri border by 11 am with continuous dharna at the toll plaza. On the other hand, farmer groups and khap panchayats coming from Uttar Pradesh will reach Gazipur border by 11 am. Apart from this comrades coming from home and abroad who will come by train or bus will reach the dharna site at Jantar-Mantar at 11:00 am. All people’s organizations, women’s organizations and student organizations of Delhi will reach Jantar-Mantar itself. After this, breakfast will be served on all fronts for half an hour and till 11.

The Maha Panchayat will be completely peaceful

The players said that we will remain calm under all circumstances and proceed with full discipline. Whether the police lathi-charge, fire tear gas shells or use water cannon, we will not resort to violence and tolerate everything. And if he is arrested, he will surrender his arrest peacefully.