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Mahdev App: Gaming Craze Meets Bollywood Hype – What’s the Buzz All About?

Unmasking the Mahadev App: A Closer Look at the Controversy Surrounding Ranbir Kapoor’s Summons

The digital world has witnessed an influx of mobile applications catering to a wide range of interests and needs. Among them, the Mahadev App has recently made headlines, albeit for all the wrong reasons. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the Mahadev App case, its promoters, and the controversies that have engulfed it.

The Genesis of Mahadev App

At first glance, Mahadev App appears to be a gaming platform, luring users with the promise of entertainment and rewards. However, suspicions were raised when investigative agencies began to unravel a web of illicit activities associated with this seemingly innocuous app.

The Promoters: Saurabh Chandrakar and Ravi Uppal

The individuals behind Mahadev App, Saurabh Chandrakar and Ravi Uppal, have a backstory that piqued the interest of authorities. Saurabh Chandrakar, hailing from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, initially ran a modest juice shop in his hometown. However, his ascent to notoriety and wealth was anything but ordinary.

A Lavish Wedding and Bollywood Connections

Saurabh Chandrakar’s lavish wedding in Dubai garnered significant attention. It was attended by several Bollywood celebrities, raising eyebrows about the source of his extravagant spending. The wedding was not just a union of two souls but also an event that led authorities to scrutinize the Mahadev App and its promoters more closely.

Bollywood Stars Under the Scanner

As the investigation deepened, it became evident that Mahadev App was more than just a gaming platform. It was suspected to be a front for various illegal activities, including betting, with several high-profile Bollywood celebrities coming under the scanner.

The ED Raids and the Unveiling of Illicit Transactions

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) conducted raids on the premises associated with Mahadev App. During these raids, a staggering sum of ₹417 crores in illegal transactions was uncovered, casting a shadow over the app’s operations. The suspicion of money laundering hung heavily in the air.

The Involvement of Hawala Operators

The ED investigation revealed a troubling connection between Saurabh Chandrakar and a hawala operator named Yogesh Popat. It was found that Popat’s event management company had received a payment of ₹112 crores, with a significant portion in cash. This raised pertinent questions about the use of Bollywood celebrities in money laundering operations.

Unanswered Questions

As Bollywood’s notable figures, including Tiger Shroff, Neha Kakkar, Sunny Leone, and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, are brought into the fold of the investigation, the central question remains: Why were these celebrities summoned for questioning? The suspicion revolves around the possibility that they might have received payments through hawala channels.


The Mahadev App case continues to unravel, revealing the dark underbelly of the digital world. What seemed like a harmless gaming platform now stands accused of facilitating illegal activities of colossal proportions. As the investigation proceeds, the involvement of Bollywood celebrities adds an intriguing twist to an already convoluted narrative.