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Looking for cute baby girl names here Goddess Lakshmi names


Now is not the time to say no to a girl. In this society where both men and women are considered equal, there are many people who want to have a daughter. There are many people who believe that a girl child is lucky. There are those who want two children and the first child should be a girl.

A variety of clothes can be brought from toys to girls. Different colored clothes and different designed clothes will make your favorite daughter even cuter. Many people argue that if there are brothers or sisters, then the elder brother does not give the affection or love shown by the elder sister.

Girls’ names are cute too. Many people name their daughter with the wish of having such characteristics in the future and some prefer to name their daughter after a god as an image of a goddess. Know here many such names of Maa Lakshmi.
Adilakshmi – An incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi who is seen serving the lotus feet.
Arna – sea ​​wave
Ananya – The meaning of distinct and distinct is also the meaning of purity, magnanimity, grace and beauty.
Aditi – bright like the sun
Ambuja – born on a lotus
Anisha – bright light
Bhagyashree – lucky bringer
Bhavani – source of dynamic energy, giver of life
It is said that Chanda lunar
fickle – Lakshmi is never on one side. fickle as the name suggests
Deepa – burning lamp
God – Prayer answered, Lakshmi
Devika’s second name – little goddess
Dhanalakshmi – goddess of wealth
duti – Think
Dhruti – Morality, Courage, Continuity
Gauri – a beautiful lady of honor
Haripriya – Hari
Diamond Sweetheart – Diamond
Hema Malini – goddess with a golden garland
Hiranmayi – girl like chinnam
Jaya – Name of Durga, daughter of Daksha and name of Parvati, Shiva
Kamakshi’s wifebeautiful eyed goddess
Kamla – Kamla
Kanti – beauty and grace sanskrit name
compassion – kind and sweet girl
Lohita – goddess in the form of iron
Mangala – bringer of good luck
Mahadevi – Maha means great and devi means goddess two words
Mahalakshmi – Also meaning great goddess, the name is derived from the fact that she killed a demon named Mahal.
Manushi – a kind girl
Manjushree – A name meaning sweet light, sweetening the birth of a daughter
Nandika – a happy girl
Narayani – Padma, wife of Narayana, another form of Vishnu
,Lotus flower
Padmaja – born on a lotus flower
Padmakshi – Girl with lotus flower eyes.
Padmavati – goddess sitting on lotus flower
Padmini – bunch of lotus flowers
Rajshri – goddess of fortune
Ram – Mistress of good wealth, fortune and prosperity
Rukmini – adorned with gold saanvi
, born on a lotus flower
Sanvita – Shanti Priya Lakshmi Devi
Shreeja – wealth and prosperity
Shreya – prosperity and auspicious goddess
Srinika – Lotus flower
Shuchi – pure, holy
Sindhuja – daughter of the sea
Sita –Avatar of Vishnu Avatar of Lakshmi, wife of Rama
Sudiksha – Sundar Lakshmi
Sudha – Nectar, Pure, Benevolent, Ganga
young girl Another name for – little girl, youth
Tejashree – Radiant and Shiny
basil – Incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi as a plant speaker
, she who speaks like nectar
Varalakshmi – bestower of boons
Vibha – ray of light, night, moon, shine, beauty
speaker – eloquent speaker
Vasudha – Bhutai Lakshmi
Another name of Vishnupriya – beloved by Vishnu