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Looking for a house to rent, you will find such a house lucky


The house we live in, when we build it, we can see and build it with the right Vastu. But while looking for an apartment or house on rent, finding a house that is designed as per Vastu norms can be challenging.

In this post, you can see what you should do to remove Vastu defects from your rented house or apartment and what kind of house to look for while searching for a house.

Puja room is a holy and peaceful place which brings a lot of positive energy in the house. Make sure that there is a Puja room in the North-East corner of your rental house where you can make a place for Puja.

Whenever you enter the house through the main door
If you do this, first of all you should look at a solid wall because it prevents positive energy from going out of the house. The position of the wall cannot be changed while looking for a rented house, so put a picture of Lord Ganesha on the wall or hang a Shree Yantra on it.

As per the rules of Vastu, all the doors or entrances of the house should open inwards towards the rooms to attract specific energies and should function without any obstruction. So measure all the entrance doors in your home to make sure they open in the right direction.


vastu tips for rented house in tamil

avoid wastage of water
Houses that always leak water are always a place of misfortune. Check the faucet for leaks or frequent drops of water. Lack of water is a sign of outflow of positive energy in the house and is a fundamental aspect of rental house Vastu.

clean the house
Dirt in the house attracts negative energy, so do not let unnecessary things accumulate in one corner. Instead, keep your home clean and organized by finding and getting rid of items you haven’t used in a few months. This will ensure that your home is clean and ready to invite positive energy.