Sunday , May 19 2024
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Life has been affected by torrential rains in Bikaner


Bikaner: Bikaner experienced thunderstorms on Sunday afternoon. Due to the rain that fell for about one and a half hours, several places were flooded. Due to high wind speed, water showers were also changing direction. The branches of the trees fell here and there due to the stormy wind. In front of shops, holding overhead, banners were blown away by the wind. The wind speed increased so much that it became difficult to walk on the road in the rain. In no time, slums and low-lying areas were flooded.

Areas opposite Station Road, near Kotgate, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Old Ginani, Sursagar etc. were flooded due to heavy rain. Clouds started gathering in Bikaner from 12.15 pm and rain started around 1.30 pm with strong winds. In the very first round, it rained so heavily that the roads were empty. Soon it started to hail. Everyone is surprised by this rain in May but also happy to get relief from the heat. The inner areas of Bikaner city including Gangasahar, Bhinasar, Mohta Sarai, Nathusar Gate, Jawahar Nagar, Antyodaya Nagar, Muralidhar Vyas Nagar, Jayanarayan Vyas Nagar, Jaipur Road, Mukta Prasad Nagar received heavy rainfall.