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Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang claims responsibility for Sukhdul Singh murder case

Sukhdool Singh Murder in Canada: A Deep Dive into the Shocking Crime

In recent news, the murder of gangster Sukhdool Singh, also known as Sukkha Dunuke, in the city of Winnipeg, Canada, has left many questions unanswered. While the Canadian police have not issued an official statement regarding the murder, Lawrence Bishnoi, currently incarcerated in an Indian jail, has taken responsibility for the killing through a Facebook post. In this article, we’ll explore the details surrounding the Sukhdool Singh murder case, Lawrence Bishnoi’s Facebook post, and the implications of this crime.

The Facebook Post by Lawrence Bishnoi

Lawrence Bishnoi’s Facebook post claimed responsibility for the murder of Sukhdool Singh, who was allegedly trying to become the head of the Bambiha group. Sukhdool Singh was known to be a drug addict and had demolished several homes to fulfill his addiction. He had also orchestrated the murders of Gurjala Barar and Vikki Middukhera. However, he has now faced the consequences of his actions.

In his post, Lawrence Bishnoi warned individuals who have committed crimes to not hide anywhere, as they would be tracked down and punished. He emphasized that justice might take time, but it would eventually prevail.

Who Was Sukhdool Singh?

Sukhdool Singh, often referred to as Sukkha Dunuke, was a notorious gangster belonging to the Khalistani terrorist group, allegedly associated with Arshdeep Singh Arshadala. He was on the most-wanted list of the National Investigation Agency (NIA), and his name was included in a list of nine terrorists released recently. It is essential to note that earlier this year, two masked individuals had assassinated Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada. Following this incident, the Canadian government blamed Indian agencies in their parliament, causing a significant strain in relations between the two countries.

While the Canadian police have not officially commented on the murder, Lawrence Bishnoi’s claim has brought attention to this high-profile case. The international implications of the crime and its potential repercussions make it a subject of interest and concern.


The murder of Sukhdool Singh in Winnipeg, Canada, and the subsequent claim by Lawrence Bishnoi through a Facebook post have raised many questions and concerns. The intricate web of gang activities, international relations, and the pursuit of justice in cases involving fugitives continue to be a matter of debate. As the investigation unfolds, more details may come to light, shedding further insight into this shocking crime.