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Ladies, do you use liquid wash everyday to clean that area? this risk is not wrong


We should take care of the purity of our body. Many experts and doctors keep giving information about this from time to time. Brushing teeth twice a day, taking bath and cleanliness of other body parts should be taken care of. But in this article, information has been given about the prejudices of women regarding the cleanliness of the vagina, which is their most important part.

For cleaning the vagina, it is common to use a vaginal wash or an intimate wash. But how appropriate is it to use this wash liquid or cream every day to clean the vagina? So let’s see what the experts have to say about women using sanitary products to clean their vagina.

What is vaginal wash?
Some products are formulated to clean the external genitalia of women called vaginal wash or intimate wash. Intimate wash is formulated to maintain natural pH balance with acidic properties to keep vagina clean, prevent infection, prevent odor. It is used by most women, but according to experts, cleaning the vagina is important, but it is not good to clean the vagina using intimate wash every day, as some of the good bacteria present here will also die, which can lead to unhealthy problems .

Should a Vaginal Cleansing Product Be Used Daily?
When we bathe daily, bathe with soap or water, the question may arise that why we should not use vaginal cleaning daily. bacteria and it can cause some skin allergy problems. There is no specific age to use vaginal hygiene products, women and girls all can use them, but it is advisable to use these products after awareness about personal hygiene.

Side effect:
Experts say that daily use of feminine wash or vaginal wash can cause side effects. There is a possibility of itching, dryness, allergies etc. in the vagina. Of course, perfume is used in vaginal wash, so there is a possibility of using harsh chemicals.


How to maintain vaginal health?
Women can keep their vagina or genitals clean not only by using intimate wash or vaginal wash but also by practicing some natural procedures to maintain vaginal health. Let’s see how.

Genital Hygiene:
Just as we keep the outer part of the body clean every day, it is important to keep the genital area clean as well. Clean it daily with warm water, pH balanced or fragrance-free soap. By doing this, it is possible to prevent irritation, infection, allergy etc. in that part.

Tight underwear:
Get into the habit of wearing cotton underwear that is as clean as possible. Also, if the underwear gets wet quickly, then it should be changed without moisture. No tight or tight clothing. If the vaginal area is too moist, yeast or bacteria are more likely to grow.

Safe Sex Practices:
Although it is normal to have sexual intercourse with a partner, but at this time you should be careful about the health of your vagina because if you do not practice cleanliness after sexual practice, you will face the risk of sexually transmitted infections .

Good Diet:
Proper diet is a very important remedy for many problems of the body. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet also increases the immunity of the body. It is very important to ensure that the body does not get dehydrated, eating the right food can prevent infection and also helps in healing the infection very quickly.

Avoid using perfume:
Scented products are used to get rid of vaginal odor or halitosis. But do you know how many unhealthy problems it can bring? Avoid using sprays or liquids on the vaginal area, and keep in mind that products with a lot of fragrance also tend to have more chemicals. If you avoid it, then you can stay away from problems like irritation caused by allergies.

In such a situation, while worrying about the health of our skin and other parts of the body, we should also pay attention to the cleanliness of the vaginal area, which is very important for women. But for any reason do not use excessive amount of products like vaginal cleaning as it has many side effects if you use it regularly then you may have to face the problem of its side effects.