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Lack of sleep: Lack of sleep can affect your health, improve your sleep cycle with these tips


New Delhi: Many of the world’s best athletes say that getting a good night’s sleep is an essential part of their training routine. Good sleep helps them perform better. For example, Serena Williams tries to get eight hours of sleep every night. While NBA star LeBron James aims for eight to ten hours of sleep daily. At the same time, NFL legend Tom Brady says that he goes to sleep early and gets at least nine hours of sleep. This shows that good sleep is very important to stay fit.

This is not a new thing. Sleep is very important for our physical and mental development. But sleep is very important not only for athletes but also for gym goers. So let’s find out how you can achieve your fitness goals by getting good sleep.

aerobic fitness

Exercise is a great way to improve your aerobic fitness. It not only helps in improving aerobic capacity but also improves your efficiency. The body’s mitochondria contribute significantly to good aerobic fitness. But it has been revealed in many researches that due to lack of sleep, mitochondria are unable to function. So it is better to have a good sleep to improve aerobic fitness.

muscle development

Sleep is also very important if you want to develop your muscles. Muscle growth occurs when new proteins are added to the muscle structure. This process is called muscle protein synthesis. This process is done through exercise and diet. But if you are not getting enough sleep, then the body’s muscle protein synthesis process slows down despite the nutrients you consume. This suggests that poor sleep can hinder muscle growth for the body.

anabolic hormones

Hormones are chemical messengers that contribute to a variety of functions throughout the body, such as the growth and development of tissues. The hormones involved in this building process can be called “anabolic” hormones. Testosterone and growth hormone are released in our body during sleep, but if you sleep for 5 or less hours then it reduces the level of these hormones in the body.

Good sleep how to take

Before bed, do things that help you relax, such as reading a book or listening to relaxing music.

Taking a warm bath before bed can be beneficial, as the drop in body temperature after a bath can help you fall asleep faster.

Exposure to light at night can reduce the quality of sleep, so try to reduce the amount of light as much as possible.

Keep the room cool, but not too cold. Too hot or too cold an environment can disrupt the quality of sleep.

Research shows that physical activity is beneficial for sleep quality, so try to incorporate some exercise or physical activity into your daily routine.

Make a fixed schedule for your sleeping and getting up. This habit has been linked to improving the quality of your sleep.