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Kidney Stone Symptoms: Kidney stone problem can be dangerous, know its symptoms and causes


New Delhi: Our lifestyle and food habits have a direct impact on our health. Nowadays, due to the rapidly changing lifestyle, our physical and mental development is getting affected a lot. In such a situation, a little carelessness can prove to be harmful for us. Nowadays many problems have become common. Kidney stone is also one of these problems. For some time, the problem of kidney stone is increasing. We have to face this problem due to wrong eating habits. If this problem, which is called nephrolithiasis or urolithiasis in the language of medicine, is identified and treated in time, then it is very beneficial.

kidney stone problem

Stones develop in the kidney or kidneys of a person suffering from kidney stones. This is a painful problem that can happen to anyone. When there is a kidney problem in the body, in this condition the urine becomes thick, in which the minerals present in the urine turn into crystals and stick together. Simply put, kidney stones directly affect our urinary tract.

types of kidney stones

Struvite stone

– calcium stone

– Cystine Stone

– uric acid stone

Symptoms of kidney stone

– foul smelling urine

– bleeding with urine

Vomiting with fever

= urinary tract infection

– frequent urination

Pain while urinating

due to kidney stone

– dehydration of the body

Often due to our carelessness we have to face many problems. Water is very important for our body. Drinking plenty of water not only keeps our body hydrated but also reduces the risk of kidney stone problems. Actually, due to lack of water in the body many times kidney stones can occur.

prescribed drugs

The use of different types of medicines can sometimes cause kidney store problems. Medications, especially those used during HIV treatment, increase the risk of kidney stones.

chronic diseases

Sometimes chronic diseases can also cause kidney stones. In fact, diseases such as cystic fibroids, inflammatory bowel disease and tubular acidosis can also cause kidney problems.

estrogen deficiency

A hormone called estrogen is found in women. Women who are deficient in this estrogen are more likely to develop kidney stones. In addition, women who have had their ovaries removed are also at risk.