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Khapni Maha Panchayat in support of wrestlers in front of new Parliament on 28 May


It’s been over a month since wrestlers have been on dharna demanding the arrest of Wrestling Federation of India president Brijbhushan Sharan Singh on charges of sexual harassment. Meanwhile, the protesting wrestlers are getting support from across the country. Along with many political parties, Kisan Union and Khap Panchayat are also coming forward in support of wrestlers.

Pehalwan Mahapanchayat New Parliament
Pehalwan Mahapanchayat New Parliament

Palam, the largest khap panchayat in north India, held several meetings in support of 360 village headmen and held another meeting on Thursday at Kharkhar toll in Jind. In which the strategy regarding the Maha Panchayat to be held before the new Parliament on May 28 was discussed. After the panchayat, the head of Palam 360 in Bahadurgarh, Chaudhary Surinder Solanki, invited the women and youth and said that a fresh mahapanchayat of women and youth will be held as per the decision taken in Sarva Khap Panchayat. On May 28, I made an appeal to reach millions from Parliament House. Raising voice for rights, Solanki urged women wrestlers to come forward for justice. Appealed.Along with this, he said that we appeal to the government and the Delhi Police not to stop any comrade coming to the Maha Panchayat at the border and within Delhi. For the last 31 days we have been conducting the agitation peacefully and will conduct the Maha Panchayat peacefully.

If anyone is stopped by the police administration and the government, then the responsibility of spoiling the environment will be the responsibility of the government and the police administration. He called upon the farmer organizations to make this Mahapanchayat farmer-oriented. Invited to support the movement in large numbers and cooperate in getting women wrestlers their rights. Solanki said that His Excellency the President was not invited to attend the inauguration of the new Parliament House, but on behalf of the Khap Panchayat and 70 crore women of the country, we invite him to come to this Mahapanchayat so that he can wrestle. May they be encouraged and get speedy justice.