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Karva Chauth’s Shadow: The Negative Consequences of These Traditions

Karwa Chauth Rules: A Guide to the Rituals and Practices


Karwa Chauth is an auspicious Hindu fasting ritual that holds great significance, especially for married women. This vrat (fast) is observed to ensure the longevity of the husband’s life and to bring happiness and prosperity into the married life. The Karwa Chauth vrat, this year, falls on the 1st of November, which is a Wednesday. The fast commences before sunrise, with the Sargi meal, and concludes after worshipping the moon at night. To make the most of this day, it’s crucial to follow the prescribed rules and guidelines. In this article, we’ll explore the dos and don’ts of Karwa Chauth, ensuring that this sacred tradition is observed correctly.

The Significance of Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is not just a fasting ritual but also a celebration of the bond between a husband and wife. Observing this fast is believed to strengthen the marital relationship and bring good fortune. Here are some key points to keep in mind when observing Karwa Chauth:

1. The Importance of Solah Shringar

On this day, women should adorn themselves with Solah Shringar, which comprises sixteen forms of traditional makeup and jewelry. It’s not only a symbol of marital bliss but also a gesture of reverence to the occasion. Failing to don Solah Shringar during the puja is considered inauspicious.

2. Seek Blessings from Elders

Receiving blessings from elders, particularly from the elderly members of the family, is a crucial aspect of Karwa Chauth. It’s essential to show respect to your seniors and seek their blessings. Neglecting this aspect, even after performing the puja, can lead to incomplete spiritual gains.

3. Choose the Right Colors

In terms of clothing, it’s advisable to wear auspicious colors such as red, green, or yellow on Karwa Chauth. These colors are associated with positive energies. Avoid wearing dark colors like blue, black, or brown, as they are associated with Lord Shani and may bring unfavorable results. Wearing these colors can also introduce complications in married life.

4. Avoid Donating Silver and White Items

On Karwa Chauth, it is advisable not to donate silver, milk, yogurt, or white rice. These items are associated with the moon and its influence on human lives. Donating them can weaken the moon’s astrological significance in your Kundli, potentially leading to stress and mental issues.


Karwa Chauth is a significant celebration that requires meticulous adherence to traditions and rituals. To ensure a fulfilling and prosperous married life, it’s vital to follow the rules mentioned above. Failing to do so can lead to unintended consequences. By observing this vrat with devotion and precision, couples can strengthen their bond and create a future filled with joy and blessings.