Juice of bel fruit prevents heat stroke in summer, learn benefits

In the summer, eating vinegar is very beneficial. Even in Ayurveda, both the fruit and the leaves of the vine have been considered equally useful. In such a situation, chemicals like cusillage pectin and tannin are found in the pulp of the fruit and fruit pulp, leaves, root, and bark powder, and all other parts and components of the tree are used. The use of vine is very beneficial for health.

Advantages of Bellet:

# A kada (decoction) made of bell-letters reduces the havoc of a cold. Along with this, it reduces mucus (phlegm) from the cold and slows the spread of asthma.

# Bell letters are used to diagnose various infections and inflammation in the eyes. By the way, especially eye research it is very effective.

# Different types of tides are treated with bell-roots and decoction made from tree bark. At the same time, in Ayurvedic medicine, defects and tides arising from Vata-Kapha-bile from vine-roots are corrected.

# In stomach disorders, vine fruit is used as a medicine, and constipation is eradicated from the root by regular intake of fruit.

# Bell should be consumed in summer because if it is sunken, then it is best to make a solution.

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