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Israel Hamas War: When pro-Palestinian rats left rats at McDonald’s, this action was taken on this incident in the UK

Israel Palestine Conflict: Unrest in the Middle East

In recent weeks, the Israel-Palestine conflict has once again erupted, causing chaos in the Middle East. Israel has made it clear that it will not stop until Hamas is neutralized, sparking protests under the banner of (Save Palestine). These rallies are not confined to the region; they have garnered support from countries as far apart as India, Europe, the United States (US), and Russia. Amidst this global outcry, a peculiar incident in the United Kingdom (UK) added an unexpected twist to the ongoing conflict.

The Birmingham McDonald’s Episode

The incident unfolded in Birmingham, UK, where a Palestinian supporter, with the slogan ‘ painted on his car, released a swarm of mice inside a McDonald’s outlet. The shocking act was captured in a video that quickly went viral on social media.

Chaos in the Restaurant

As customers waited for their orders at the restaurant, they were initially baffled by the sudden appearance of numerous mice. Fear and panic quickly spread, and patrons began to scream and flee the premises. The video, which was initially shared on TikTok under the handle @amirroyal_1, has since gained significant traction on social media platforms.

The Viral Video

The video shows how the individual opened the trunk of his car, revealing boxes filled with mice, which he released inside the restaurant. In the closing moments of the video, the Hamas supporter calls for a global boycott of McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Disney in support of Israel.

The Trigger

To understand the motive behind this act, we need to backtrack to the beginning of November. It was during this time that McDonald’s Israel units offered free food delivery to Israeli soldiers. This decision sparked outrage among Palestinian supporters on social media platforms. According to reports, the individual who released the mice at the Birmingham outlet was particularly incensed by McDonald’s Israel’s decision.

UK Authorities’ Response

McDonald’s UK expressed their astonishment at the incident, stating that they are taking the matter seriously. They reported the incident to the local police and assured their customers that the mice had been removed, apologizing for any distress it may have caused. They also committed to enhancing their safety measures to prevent such incidents in the future.


The Israel-Palestine conflict continues to incite strong emotions and reactions across the globe. While the Birmingham McDonald’s incident was a unique and unsettling expression of support for Palestine, it underscores the complex nature of the conflict and the global impact it carries.

The incident is a stark reminder that international tensions can manifest in unexpected and often bewildering ways. It also serves as a call for peaceful dialogue and resolution in a situation that has seen more than its fair share of turmoil.