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Israel Hamas War: The strong intention to destroy Hamas, the question is, what is the obstacle in front of Israel?

Israel Hamas Latest News: When the Hamas terrorist 

organization attacked Israel on October 7, everyone was stunned, there was also reason to be stunned because breaking the Israeli security circle is considered impossible. It is different that now that myth has been broken. Well, in the midst of all this, Israel is constantly destroying Hamas bases through bombing. But the important question here is why Benjamin Netanyahu’s army is not able to take ground action on the Gaza Strip to talk about the elimination of Hamas. Is there pressure from America or Europe or some other reason behind this? What kind of challenge does Israel need to understand?

Special lessons taken on October 18

On October 18, US President Joe Biden met Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv. In the meeting, he said two special things. First, Hamas is more dangerous than ISIS. Secondly, we have to keep in mind the situation after the 9/11 attacks. It is obvious that when he said the second thing, he was referring to the US army against the Taliban in Afghanistan. This means that the fight against the elimination of Hamas needs to continue. But it remains to be seen how effective the fight will be by camping on the land of the Gaza Strip. At the same time, the countries of Europe are also understanding that the fight against Hamas is necessary, although they do not want China and Russia to benefit from it. In the midst of all this, what is Israel’s own problem? Now let’s talk about it.

What happened so far?

  • Israeli forces claim Hamas fired a total of 6900, <> rockets.
  • More than 450 rockets were misfired.
  • 1400 Israeli civilians killed.
  • More than 4600, <> Israelis wounded.
  • Hamas claims more than 2, <> Palestinians killed.
  • Hamas claims to have taken 200 hostages.
  • Hamas recently released two American hostages.
  • Hamas refers to Qatar’s mediation.

This is the problem facing Israel.

According to media reports, Hamas has turned the Gaza Strip into a tunnel. Hamas terrorists have taken shelter in those tunnels. If the Israeli forces start a ground operation on the Gaza Strip, then there may be two types of threats. The first danger is that the fight will not be straightforward. Hamas militants can weaponize guerrilla warfare. The second big danger is that the local people will treat the entire action as occupation and the effect will be that there will be no cooperation from the people. Not only this, but it will also be difficult to rescue those who are in the possession of Hamas. While the elimination of Hamas is necessary for Israel, the release of the hostages is also an important topic.