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Israel-Hamas War: Protecting Your Online Presence from Accidental Support for Hamas on Social Media

Hamas Propaganda: Plotting to Influence People in India Regarding the Hamas-Israel Conflict

In the digital age, information travels at the speed of light, and sometimes, it carries with it a dark agenda. The ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel has sparked concerns about propaganda being used to manipulate public opinion, even in India. However, in Maharashtra, a Cyber Control Room has been established to monitor and counter the dissemination of misleading videos and images related to the conflict, primarily through social media channels.

The Spread of Misinformation

One of the significant challenges posed by the current situation is the spread of misinformation through social media accounts. These accounts are actively being scrutinized by authorities, as they play a pivotal role in propagating misleading content. Moreover, individuals who engage in the viral circulation of such content are being warned about potential legal consequences.

This misinformation campaign is particularly driven by extremist elements within the Muslim community who seek to exploit fabricated videos by presenting them as instances of Israeli atrocities in Gaza. This false narrative aims to manipulate the sentiments of people, especially Muslims, in India, garnering support for Palestine and Hamas. As a countermeasure, cybersecurity experts have been engaged to track and neutralize these disinformation campaigns.

The Return of Indian Nationals

On another front, as the conflict between Israel and Hamas escalates, the Indian government is actively facilitating the return of its citizens from the conflict zones. Special flights have been organized to bring back 212 Indian nationals stranded in the turmoil. Upon their arrival at Indian airports, they were greeted by the Minister of External Affairs, Rajiv Chandrasekhar. This swift action demonstrates the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens.

It is worth noting that amid the ongoing hostilities between Israel and Hamas, several countries have initiated rescue operations to evacuate their nationals from the conflict zones, emphasizing the international scale and urgency of this crisis.

Israel’s Warning to Hamas

In the midst of the ongoing conflict, Israel has issued a stern warning to Hamas. They have made it clear that until Israeli prisoners held by Hamas are released, Gaza will not receive any humanitarian aid or essential supplies, including food, water, fuel, and electricity. Israel’s Energy Minister, Katz, conveyed on social media that not a single switch for electricity or a water pipe will be activated until their prisoners are set free. This decision has created a grave concern, as it threatens the well-being of the 2.3 million people living in Gaza, jeopardizing their access to sustenance and basic necessities.


The conflict between Hamas and Israel has far-reaching consequences, affecting not only the Middle East but also individuals and nations across the globe. Misinformation campaigns on social media are attempting to sway public opinion, especially in India, by sharing deceptive videos and images. It is crucial for governments and individuals to be cautious and discerning consumers of information in these turbulent times.